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"Linen Tales" was inspired by the desire to show that linen is much more than just a rough grey fabric. Working on designs that were born from our imaginations, we first created unique shapes and cuts, and then softened, bleached, dyed and washed the pieces of fabric until we were satisfied with the results. And like this we turned over the first page of our history - the opening of a small linen shop in the living room of Bernandinų Street. As the quantity and selection of products on our shelves grew, we noticed a significant increase of genuinely interested customers visiting our living room.

This encouraged us to continue exploring new ideas and look for a new larger home. And guess what, we found it! In February we moved to a comfortable shop on Stiklių Street, which is now filled with linen products for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or any other cosy place in your own home. Here we greet each season with a fresh, newly created collection, perfect for those special moments, all of which are carefully sewed with care and love in Lithuania in accordance with the highest standards of quality. After they are produced, these beautiful handmade products are placed on the shelves of our store, just waiting for the opportunity to tell their stories in your home.
T : 010-6790-3604

company: 전북 전주시 완산구 삼천동 용산마을길 41
factory: 전주시 완산구 삼천동 용산마을길 41

Open: monday to saturday am 9:30~pm17:00
Closed: sunday, public holidays